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It was a tumor the size of a baseball located 2 millimeters from his brain stem. His chance of survival was 25 per cent over three years. 

This was the news that world-renowned fitness guru, Peter Twist, 45, received in January 2011.

Twist is the CEO of Twist Sport Conditioning, a world-class gym with dozens of locations across North America. He was a strength coach for 11 years with the National Hockey League. He has authored six books and produced 20 DVDs about fitness and health. Ryerson students will have the opportunity to learn from him at an event June 8 at the Recreation and Athletic Centre on campus.  

His journey has inspired many in the fitness world but speaking at seminars is something Twist almost had to give up doing. 

After feeling minor symptoms, Twist was referred to an ear, nose and throat specialist who diagnosed him with stage four nasopharyngeal (head/neck) cancers. He endured two months of chemotherapy and radiation. 

In the two years since his diagnosIs, Twist’s cancer has gone into remission, and he says he’s working on bringing his body back to peak condition. 

Now Twist’s approach focuses accepting challenges in order to grow as a person. Twist says he hopes that attendees will come away with “the power of positive thinking, a better understanding on how to train for a better moving body and what team work means.”

Last year the event was led by Kennedy Lodato, the fitness programs coordinator at Ryerson, and it was based on fitness tools and products. This year he is making a change.

“The event we offer is training ‘out of the box’” said Lodato. “It’s not about the tools we use, it’s a philosophy.”  Rather than focusing on fitness products, the seminar will focus on Twist’s inspiration.

Both Lodato and Twist say they hope students take advantage of this opportunity. Twist says that the reason he chose to do this event at the Ryerson is because a university campus is a progressive, open minded and creative environment. 

“Students face great challenges, physical as well as mental,” says Twist. “So the day will give them tools to be their best when their best is needed.” 

The event is open to everyone but, for students, registration comes at a discounted price. Early bird tickets, on sale until May 15, go for $199, jumping to $249 after that. However, for students the event is only $150 at any time of registration. 

While Ryerson does host other athletics events, most of which are about different athletic products, Lodato says that this event is one of a kind. “People will walk away feeling inspired.”

For more information on the event or to register please contact Kennedy Lodato - 416-979-5000 ext. 2010.


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