Photo of the day: April 11, 2012
Colin McNeil
Uploaded on 4/11/2012 12:46:57 PM

Ryan Long (blond curly hair) tries out some questionable pick-up lines on Ryerson students, for "Crown the Town," a television show airing in the fall.
Colin McNeil

Ryan Long and crew, of the Ajax area punk band The Johnstones, try out some questionable pick-up lines on Ryerson students for the upcoming Rogers cable show, "Crown the Town." Members of the band are filming an episode that playfully investigates which Toronto area campus is the best stalking ground for pick-up artists, and trying out such gems as "would you let me like, try to impregnate you? You're already pregnant so it's no big deal," on female students.

Crown the Town's pilot episode is available online at Rogers TV, and the first six-episodes of the show will air in the fall.

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